Integrating Healing Styles


With over 40 individual charts to choose from, whether you are a practitioner
or simply enjoy working with pendulums, our categorized charts will be able
to guide you easily and thoroughly.

Our pendulum charts are easy to use. If you are beginner, the charts will guide
you safely and lightly as you grow more confidence. More experienced users will
know that pendulum charts are stronger healing tools when worked in sets, but you will
find that our charts are informative and are capable of deeper healing and
self-exploration in sets or as individuals.

Our charts are available as:
  • Single charts
  • Sets of 6
  • Full set of 24
  • Full practitioner set of 40

Some of the individual categories available to choose from include:
  • Healing with colour
  • Key to relationships
  • Letting go
  • Handling stress

Qualified practitioners are able to obtain our complete set of all 40 charts
at a discounted rate, please contact us for more information. Integrating Healing'has
the exclusive rights to distribute Trew Believers pendulum charts in Africa.

More on our charts in pdf format

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